What if a genie jumped out of a bottle and gave you one wish...?

that you could have SUPER INTUITION, with access to all the knowledge of the Cosmic Unconscious ?
The Kinesiometer is the fulfilment of that wish !

This is a new digital device based on a highly sensitive electronic sensor and a revolutionary new software program.

And as part of the launch of this new device, I'm going to give you free access to a major alternative medicine program which I developed for use with the Kinesiometer...THE BIO-RESONANCE CODE.

This system of flow charts will unerringly guide you to a correct analysis of the imbalances of any subject you are testing.

Here’s a sample of the charts...



This is general overall view of the Kinesiometer Bioresonance Method. It’s easily learned. It’s all on DVD’s.  However, you will not succeed unless you train in the method as I recommend. There’s a computer app. to learn how.

To get your free access to the valuable Kinesiometer

 Bio-Resonance Code, click here.

The following is the Kinesiometer Chart of K. (aged 36 ) a secretary , suffering from chronic fatigue and depression when she first attended the Clinic.

As you can see, on the Vitality Scale  ( 1 to 25 version ) she is only scoring 1/25. That 44 percent. You need to have a Vitality of 20 to feel good.

She turned out to be gluten and wheat intolerant. See the Allergy Factor up to 70%

She was short of Vitamin C and Iodine when we tested her. See how the Nutritional Deficiency level was 60%!

The Blockage on the Mental/Emotional level was 80%. Turned out she was depressed and had a traumatic childhood. We treated her with the Trauma Code method and her moods improved hugely over a short time.

Her spine was slightly misaligned.

After three visits  she was hugely improved. See case histories at

  • The Kinesiometer can be slotted into thousands of alternative medicine practices, such as Body Talk,KST , acupuncture, chiropractic and the variations of kinesiology.

    This system works better than anything I've ever seen for "bio-energetic" testing, because it sets up in advance a deliberate, precise system of recognisable signals the unconscious can use to communicate with you.

    Yes it's easy to learn...There's a computer "game" which trains you in the technique.

    In our system all signals are transmitted through your middle finger ( or index finger if you wish).
    There's only a Yes or No answer at any time because it's a binary system.
    What the YES or NO means at any particular time depends on the question and the guiding program.

    The training program brings the beginner repetitively through the mechanics of the test process, registering Yes and No
    mechanically and deliberately, and scoring the effort.
    In a short time the brain and central nervous system goes on automatic, like driving your car.

    My first launch of the Kinesiometer is based on using it for Bio-Resonance Testing.
    Our system has proven itself highly effective for hundreds of practitioners,
    including myself, for over 30 years. It's a "practice in a box" even for the complete newbie.

    In it's simplest form you can just choose natural remedies for your client.
    Or you can learn how to do a complete analysis of the person, address the emotional blockages,
    check food or other allergies, nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals , herbs etc.

    There's no question of doing "medical diagnosis". And you avoid ethical and legal problems by operating strictly
    in the bio-energetic arena as a "complementary practitioner". All that's outside the computer is a sensor pad
    and a usb.

    Here’s what you’ll be able to do with the Kinesiometer and the Bio-Resonance system…
    1. Test the exact Vitality level of the subject on a scale of 1 to 10.
    2. Test the level of Nutritional Deficiency
    3. Test the overall level of Allergy or Sensitivity.
    4. Test the level of Blockage on the Emotional level.
    5. Check the health of the Chakras.

    Test an unerringly correct homoeopathic or herbal or nutritional remedy for the subject.

    And the Remedies…
    1. Use the proven set of homoeopathic complexes (30 main ones) developed by the leading German doctor homoeopaths,
    and organised for you to produce an overall success rate with patients of 80 to 90%.
    2. Learn how to use the amazingly powerful Spagyric remedies from the Pekana firm in Germany.
    3. Specialise in the treatment of trapped emotions and old stuck traumas, with a simple system of analysis charts and
    effective treatment.
    4. Learn how to check which vitamins,minerals and trace elements are needed.
    5. Learn how to check allergies and food sensitivities.


To get your free access to the valuable Kinesiometer Bio-Resonance Code, click here.

The Remedies
To treat the person, you use a proven package of complex homoeopathic remedies
You'll be mainly working with just 25 Blood Cleanser remedies ...and these are easily the most powerful homoeopathics ever developed in Germany!

These are essentially homoeopathic vaccines or nosodes, now hard to get.
There's no material dose of any substance in these, because of the level of the potencies.
But when you take them as drops, the immune system recognises them immediately and reacts strongly.
That's how you clear out the toxins!
Essentially, you climb aboard a proven system which has made celebrities of many practitioners.

The Formula: This is a "Practice in kit-form", so to speak, for the intelligent person who feels called to offer an effective, worthy and well paid service in the field of alternative medicine.
You get all the equipment, software and training you need to REGISTER for practitioners! information.
If you live in Ireland or the UK, you can organise  hands-on, apprenticeship type instruction at our Clinic, founded 1986 and still going strong.
We've trained over 50 practitioners over the past 10 years.
Many of them have become celebrities in their own areas because of their results.

                               Ready to roll program...

This is a tried and tested  and valid system of alternative medicine, which can be practiced by health professionals in any field as a main approach or an adjunctive method.

Don't take my word for it. Listen to what our customers say.
You could train like these practitioners...

Practitioner Mary N. ( a nurse and reflexologist) started training on the
Bio-Resonance Machine four years ago.
She was tired of working after hours, at low pay, as a nurse.
Reflexology gave her some job satisfaction, but she was getting very tired from long hours.
She found patients laid all their troubles on her during the hour long reflexology session.
She is now a celebrity in her own area, in the northern part of Ireland.
She has earned a very good living for herself and her family over the years.

" Bio-resonance training changed my life.
I was able to get through patients much more quickly and without my energy being drained.
The results claimed to this machine, 80 to 90 percent, are definitely true.
The equipment actually develops you more and more each year as you use it."


Practitioner Ann S. (an acupuncturist)
"I found the training excellent. The Meridian Institute basically handed me a whole program of treatment all 'ready to go'. I trained in the Turner Clinic with Ronnie Turner, who originated this method and I was really amazed at how he could tell the patients exactly what their problems were,
before they opened their mouths.
I have been able to replicate this with my patients, using the Bio-resonator.
The results with the homoeopathic complexes are so good that I nearly jump back
with shock if someone comes back in and says they're not better.
And it has made me a very good living, and earned me a great reputation, and many friends."

Warning: Do NOT buy any system unless it meets the following 6 criteria :

One: The product must be based on sound science and have proven itself in use.
(40 years! )
Two: You must be able to speak to people who have been able to take it up and make a success with it, based on the training actually provided.
Three: It must be safe and legal and be guaranteed not to get its practitioner into trouble.
Four: It must appeal to the demands and sophistication of the actual people to whom you are offering it.
Five: It needs to be so successful that it delights the practitioner daily, as well as the customers.
Six: It must come at a reasonable price and be supported by reputable people,
prepared to back up all their promises.
The Turner Bio-Resonance  program clicks all the boxes !
It’s value for money !
It has taken me just 40 years of study and work to accumulate the knowledge you will learn easily from me.
I had to travel all round the world, learn a foreign language, i.e. German, to be able to get access to the best information.
I had to develop and refine this method to its present state of perfection, and spend years developing the training programs.
You on the other hand can sit comfortably at home and learn this method from books and tapes.
You can buy the whole system for a small sum of money which you can easily recoup in a month
once you unleash the power of this system.
In summary, here's what you get:
1. A test machine .To analyse health status, test remedies, supplements, foods etc
2.Software which presents your program very impressively, and acts as a wizard for you as you work. It also turns your computer into a stunningly effective Radionic Device.
3. Manual (downloadable)
4. Training videos, on line.
5. Personal tuition at our very successful clinic, by arrangement.
Contact us , we'll arrange for you to spend a day at our Clinic to see this system working.
Alternatively if you are living overseas, we will send you very detailed explanations of what's involved in the equipment, the software,
and the whole protocol of running a Bio-Resonance practice. Tel. 01 2893147

Here’s one of the charts we use in Bio-Resoance Testing when we’re working

out the priorities...

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