Neuro-Practic (Pain Switch-Off Techniques )


Neuro-Practic (Pain Switch-Off Techniques )
Using a variety of new keys to switching off pain in the human body, this amazing technique utilises the newest scientific findings about the real nature of dermatomes, proprioceptors and even the traditional findings about the science of acupuncture. You are taught the relationships between the agonist and antagonist muscles governing various parts of the body so that you can use this knowledge to successfully cure pain and restore function.  We keep it simple for you. You are taught the various "holds" and grips to use in such a way that basic anatomy will suffice to allow you to become a pain relief expert.

There's enough in these lessons to allow you to address most back, neck and limb problems that come into your practice.
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Study the various approaches and if you have any queries we will be glad to answer them.  You can also arrange to come to the Turner Clinic to get personal hands on tuition. 

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