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How alternative practitioners are losing out on their
most lucrative market ...

Many alternative practitoners who are not chiropractors or
osteopaths, are failing to efficiently treat back and neck pain, because
they feel it's out of their field. Or "dangerous".

I was in that position myself, some thirty years ago.
I qualified as an acupuncturist in Sydney, Australia, and started up
a practice in Dublin, Ireland, in 1976.

In no time at all, I was "flying" and my practice was packed,
because I was among the first ever acupuncturists in Ireland
and I was getting good results.

But I felt I was missing out with some of the back complaints
and I was even sending some of them to chiropractors.
To make a long story short, I started training at chiropractic techniques
with various teachers and developed a really booming practice
with the dynamite combination of chiropractic and acupuncture.

I've never stopped studying all these years and now I have a treatment
package that's probably the best in the world today.
The College of K-Practic started up in 1996 at Glanmore Castle, Ashford,
Co. Wicklow, my then country home.

Until recent times , we have only accepted medical doctors as students,
but we are now opening these safe and effective techniques to all
health professionals.

The European College of K-Practic is launching in the UK this year
and first seminars are to be held in London and Manchester,
around the middle of March.

Please notify us if you are interested in full registration as a
K-Practor ( two year course) or our range of instructional DVD's.


Certainly, there's good evidence that a lot of the old style
cracking and popping of bones, and heavy manipulation, is totally
unneccessary and sometimes unfortunate.

And a leading USA former surgeon,Dr Norman Marcus, today probably America's leading back
expert, has bluntly said that more or less all back pain is down
to muscle problems.

This totally new back treatment protocol, called K-Practic pulls together a
whole range of new non-invasive approaches towards treating back pain,
neck pain and limb pain.
These techniques can be incorporated into the practices of acupuncturists, reflexologists,
masseurs, body workers etc etc., without any insurance problems.
Because the techniques involved all fall within the recognised procedures
normal for these practitioners. It's just a new application of what you know.
The three main parts of this new system, designed for alternative
practitioners in general are :

1. A totally comprehensive system of diagnosis, based on reflexes
which establish exactly which segment of the spine is out of balance.

2. New smart ways of "switching off" pain by simple finger-tip
manipulation of muscles.It's been called the manual nerve block.

3. New methods of pin-pointing exactly which muscle in causing the
problem. A selected muscle is stimulated and blocked muscles are precisely
detected, allowing distinctions between primary and referred muscle

See our free seminar about the techniques.These original techniques
have now been hugely improved and systematised.

This latter approach was developed by USA one-time surgeon,
Dr.Norman Marcus, who has totally vanquished sceptics of "non-mainstream
back pain treatment" with his astonishing success against the most
obdurate back pain.
He says bluntly: "More or less all back pain is caused by muscle problems."

Over the years, Dr Marcus developed a method of applying electrical stimulation
to muscles in a way that can identify the exact muscle that is causing pain in
any area of the body.

"Remember," he says "the place where the pain is felt is not necessarily
where the causative problem is.
To summarise, Dr Marcus uses his own device to find the muscle
behind the problem. He then injects the muscle , usually at the attachments
or near the bone.

He doesn't use cortisone or drugs, only lidocaine, a local anaesthetic.
It appears his technique is basically a form of acupuncture.

But practitioners needn't fear getting involved in such medical type interventions.
Dr Marcus's best contribution, I believe, is his technology of isolating the
causative muscle very precisely.
When you know the exact muscle involved, K-Practic gives you precise
effective techniques to sort it out.
The K-Practic method of treatment includes:
1. Pain "switch off" techniques, involving special pulls on the muscle
at the origin or insertion.
2. Switching off the painful area by utilising the dermatomes or the acupuncture
3. Using new generation powered devices that treat the proprieceptors
in a very smart and non-invasive way.

These techniques can be easily learned, and they are effective in low back pain, shoulder
pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia and chronic
In our Clinic, in Dublin, we have been using the Papimi machine, to find
the exact muscle. This machine, developed by Professor Pappas,
a Greek researcher in electro magnetic devices has been around for many years.

The PAPIMI device has been in the market for agricultural and veterinary use since 1990.
This device produces what is claimed to be a mini bolt of lightning, at variable
strengths and frequencies.
We have found that when applied to the body, muscles which are in spasm will react
This helps us to pin-point which muscles are involved.

Our research has now identified the kind of test current which
will do this job. It will shortly be available through the College of K-Practic
at a very affordable price.The last time I enquired about a new Papimi machine I was quoted 45,000.

The device developed by Dr.Norman Marcus in New York has not been made available at his point.
Ronnie Turner founded the European College of K-Practic in 1996.
The first course was held at Glanmore Castle, Ashford, Co. Wicklow,
then the author's home. Courses are open to all health professionals.

For further information contact Ronnie Turner at info@999alternatives.com.
Also see www.k-practic.com.
Ronnie Turner has been a chiropractor and acupuncturist since 1975.
He practices in Dublin, Ireland, with his wife Dr. Olga Turner MD,
a consultant paediatrician with a special expertise in spinal problems.
Their Clinic specialises in back pain, homoeopathy and allergy testing.

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