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Order a Bio-DNA test.

(For yourself, or a friend or relative, or a pet.)

Just send your hair sample to Turner Clinic, 13 Cunningham Park, Cornelscourt, Foxrock, Dublin 18.

A small lock is enough. Does not have to be root. Coloured is ok. You will then receive:

  • A Report of Findings giving you an analysis of your General Vitality and main health imbalances.We look at the Toxicity Level, Nutritional Deficiency Level, Emotional Blockage Level and the Allergy Level.

  • A detox course specific for you at this time, with organ support and drainage remedies.

  • You get(usually) two 30-ml dripper bottles, to include the nosode therapy,the drainage remedies and the organ support.

We can also work off other "witnesses" or "energy links" such as a picture of you.

You could send us your picture in the form of a .jpg.

Or a sample of your handwriting, or signature, or a picture of your fingerprint, or palm-print, scanned and sent as a picture.

These tests are done by a process of bio-resonance testing, a form of dowsing, and are no substitute for consulting your own medical advisers.

We advise you use alternative medicine as a supplementary type of support and not as a treatment of first recourse.

Whatever the ailment or concern, consult your GP first. Delaying medical diagnosis and treatment can have serious consequences for you.

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