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FLU PACK Economy(order individually)


You order these remedies one by one. 

Choose two or three  from our suggestions below, to take together.

 Pick them according to your symptoms. and write down the names. 

Click the "back" button or the Home button and go to the home page again to order them one by one.

You'll find them under "Pekana Remedies", an alphabetical list, on our front page.

You can always ring our office at  00343 1 2893147, get advice  and place the order by credit card, if you're having difficulties. 

 So, if it the Beginning of the flu, with  temperature, headache, running nose, acute stages, take:

  • Ricura:  For sinusitis, allergic rhinitis.   When the sinus and nose is a big feature of the flu. 

  • apo-INFEKT:   Good general antiviral. Often stops colds from developing.Treats viral or bacterial infections, septic processes, a natural antibiotic, childhood illnesses, cold sores.  3 x 10-15 drops per day adults, 3 x 7-10 drops per day children . This can be taken to strengthen up the first two remedies.

If it has gone to the Later Stages..i.e. with  Chest Infection and chronic cough, take:

  • BRONCHI PERTU:  Treatment and cough bottle combined. Heavy mucus on chest. Teaspoon three times daily.  
  •  Alternate with APO-PULM for heavy mucus on the chest.


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