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Winter Pack


The WINTER PACK is 2 bottles. 
There's a 200 ml bottle called RESPIRATORY MIXTURE.
And a 50 ml bottle of Panacea Colloidal Silver, a natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.
This is my personal combination of remedies which have proven most effective for the PREVENTION

and adjuvant treatment of Ear, Nose, Throat and Chest problems... "Before you see the GP" , so to speak.


So on the first sign of colds or flu, young or old, take 10 drops of each, two or three times a day .
These remedies and recommendations are for sensible people, to be used with discretion and caution .

So if in any doubt about your symptoms, go and see your GP. A neglected chest infection can lead to pneumonia.

The Respiratory Mixture is best taken on a spoon. 
The dosage: One teaspoon two or three times a day for children. For adults one tablespoon.

The Colloidal Silver is best taken two or three times a day, as 10 drops, in half a glass of water,. 
You can squirt the pipette into the mouth for sore throat and a cough. 
But unless you observe strict hygiene with the pipette and bottle , you can contaminate it.

Any foreign proteins in the Colloidal Silver, will cause it to degrade and lose it's power.

So it's probably best to add to water and take immediately.

Strict hygiene around the bottles, to prevent spreading infections also!
For sinus problems it can be squirted up the nose and sniffed up.

Again, observe strict hygiene. Rinse the pipette. For ear infections, squirt a few drops into the ear, every two or three hours.
If you've actually caught the flu, take a tablespoon every hour, of the Respiratory Mixture, until symptoms ease. 
Also squirt the Colloidal Silver into the mouth every few hours and let it absorb in the mucous membranes. Or take in water.


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